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Styling in Task Instructions

This is really exciting!! I knew that this can be done in LiveCycle 7 but never tried it till now in LiveCycle ES. Ok.. let me describe what it is.

What it is?

I found out that we can add styling to the Task Instructions that apear in Workspace. This means that we can have Red font, Bold statuses/instructions based on the task description that we put in Assign Task step of the orchestration.

Why you need it?

Let’s say for example, A Task is deadlined and you wish to put task status/something else in Instructions field which can stand out form the rest of the text. Having something like ‘Deadlined’ status in red with other instructions can be a BIG step forward for someone who works on workspace interface everyday.

I’ve also noticed that the Task Instructions field on TaskManagerEndpoint also ‘likes’ the styling. This means that the Cards or Grid view of Start Process section will also show pretty colors and styling if needed.



May 25, 2009 at 3:25 am 2 comments

RichText tricks for TextField in Designer

This post describes a technique to set rich text content into a Textfield of a form that was designed in LiveCycle Designer ES. Thanks to Paul Guerette who helped me out to understand this few months back.

There can be two scenarios in which you might want to set content into a rich text supported Textfield.

  1. User types the rich text content into a text field and you wish to copy that to another Textfield.
  2. LiveCycle ES server/some other way you wish to set rich text content into a form field. (Form pre-population scenario)

Where is rich text data in a text field?

When user types plain text in a pure Textfield (field format: Plain Text Only) then the data is set/get from rawValue property. BUT if the Textfield is having Rich Text as the field format then the data is store at .value.exData

How to check what the rich text data look like under the covers?

I use email submit button on a simplest form to see the XML that gets created for submission.

If you wish to do this then:

  1. Create a simple dynamic PDF form and put a text field with Rich Text format set to it.
  2. Drop a Submit button and put as submit URL
  3. Open this sample form in Preview mode type some text with rich-text formatting (Bold, Italics etc)
  4. Hit the email submit button you would be able to see the exData content as the child element of your Textfield.


May 20, 2009 at 2:35 am 13 comments

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