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Max 2009 Announced

Adobe just announced the details of the MAX 2009. All of the session and lab sessions are also available on the max website.
Few things that I like –

  • Three separate tracks to focus for different type of audience
  • New Livecycle@Max preconference
  • Interesting sessions like – Portal based workspace, How to architect LCES in enterprise, Services.SOA.Cloud roadmap etc…

More details at: Max Blog


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Form Pre-populate via Render service (delayed)

Hi All,

I was suppose to post easy techniques on how to pre-populate forms via LiveCycle’s Render service but unfortunately it is taking longer than what I expected. This is the story so far… Please comment if you are aware of this and enlighten me around the changed behavior.


I used the customized render service till LC 8.0.1 SP2 and what we get in dataDoc variable of the Render service is xdp data which had the whole form specific XML structure. But I’m finding that in LiveCycle 8.2 SP2 the dataDoc contains the xdp data but ONLY the Root element of form data is present.

The issue: This results in stalled operations (exception) as the elements that I want to populate does not exist.

The strange thing:

The most strange thing that I have seen is related to where the ‘caller’ orchestration was developed. So if your orchestration which has xfaForm variable was created on LC 8.0.1 then the dataDoc variable will have the xdp data with the whole and empty form data section in it. BUT….. if you touch that variable or re-create that xfaForm variable on LC 8.2 then you’ll start getting the blank form xml section in xdp data (of dataDoc) variable of render service.

Please let me know if anyone has seen this before and knows if this was intentional in LC 8.2 or it is a reported/unreported bug.

stay tuned for the pre-population.. I’ve decided to post a series of two articles to discuss the strategy that I think can work nicely.

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